We've Triumphed Over Crisis: Together, We Closed the Fundraising Campaign

Thanks to your support, we have successfully navigated the crisis which we have confronted at the end of the year. During just one month and one week, you contributed €12,278. The campaign showed participation from 18 organizations, 90 individuals, as well as authors and attendees of events organized by us or our partners.

On behalf of the community, we express immense gratitude to everyone who helped us to overcome this challenge!
What does this fundraising mean for us? — It means a lot!

Throughout the existence of our temporary home we have provided assistance to 988 people who were forced to leave their homes due to war and found themselves in a foreign land.

Unfortunately, conflicts and repression persist, so we cannot stop. Now that we have triumphed over the crisis, we are determined to proceed with our efforts, confidently stepping into the future.

This means that refugees and displaced persons arriving in Montenegro won’t be left alone against their challeng