ReRussia Situation Analysis by Kirill Rogov

On 08.09 the event with Kirill Rogov: ‘ReRussia situation analysis’ took place.

We all gathered at the Open HeArt Studio to listen to an informative and interesting lecture from Kirill, listen to his report, and learn his thoughts on topics that concern everyone.
Kirill, thank you for this evening.
Thanks to everyone who came to the event.
Together we raised 340 euros. These funds will be used to help refugees who have been forced to leave their countries because of the war.
Thanks to this money we will be able to acquire materials for clay craft workshops.
These workshops are of great importance to us, the residents of the foundation.
We can continue to meet for this fascinating activity and create beauty together.
Friends, let's continue to help refugees and displaced people in Montenegro.
Every contribution is important.

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