«How We Buried Joseph Vissarionovich.» Report on the readings

Readings of Arthur Solomonov’s play «How We Buried Joseph Vissarionovich» took place in Budva, Herceg Novi and Bar. This play is about power, history, modernity, freedom and the strength of the human spirit. €3780 were raised.

We share the impressions of those who attended the reading.
▪︎ Daria Tereschenko: «I watched it in one breath and I want to watch it many more times. It was a real tragifarce, where the audience is very funny, and in the finale you get goosebumps. When there is such a living theater, which breathes together with time, there is hope for a bright, free tomorrow!!!».
▪︎ Anna: «It seems to me that the format of the reading and its travels around the world with different casts and intonations refracted through modern reality is a very relevant and necessary idea of modern theater, especially emigrant theater, also refracted through modern reality.»
▪︎ Asya Burmistrova: «The play, its plot and characters became for me a mirror through which I could look and reflect on the past, present and future of my country, Russia.»
▪︎ Salavat Vakhitov: «...The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors, and how easy it is for hardened tyrants like Stalin, Lenin or Putin to rule the fate of not just one person and not a theater troupe, but entire nations. The semantic parallels make us not only think hard, but also, thanks to the irony of the author, smile and laugh at hardened tyrants. It is as if they lose their majesty and historical scale, turning into clowns.»

We are grateful to everyone who was a part of this important event. Who was at the reading, please share your impressions in the comments. What was your most memorable moment?

P.S. Many thanks to the volunteer photographers for the photos.
Alexander Danilov, photo
Alexey Labunsky, photo
Valery Vasilevsky, photo
Anna Rykshina, photo