Pristanište is a volunteer movement that helps refugees and migrants in Montenegro

From the beginning, we have already supported many families and we do not stop.

We continue to actively develop all areas of the foundation designed to facilitate the first days of our wards in a new country, as well as their further support in our community.

  • Arriving at the Pristanište apartments, refugees and migrants receive food packages for the first time, not to worry about household issues, a sim-card with internet access, as well as assistance from volunteers in a variety of matters. Our volunteers, who are guides for adaptation in Montenegro, are ready to help with the search for permanent housing and work, in the placement of children in kindergartens and schools.

  • If you need psychological support, our professional psychologists will help you with this, conducting free individual sessions and support groups.

  • We provide advice and support not only to those who are looking for housing in Pristanište, but also to those who need expert and human support in other matters.

Therefore, please contact us if you need help in Montenegro. Fill out the form on the website and we will get back to you.