Workshops and lectures: how foundation residents spend their time

Many people who have left their homes because of war need support, understanding and the simple companionship of like-minded people.

That is why we often get together for evening get-togethers, master classes, various lectures and language courses aimed at the rehabilitation and adaptation of our charges.

But all these evenings always turn into something more. When residents spend time together for a common cause, they simply socialize, tell their stories, share their experiences and support each other. In Pristanište, friendships are formed and a community grows.

Last week we all eagerly gathered at the Montenegrin language class, had a meeting with psychologist Natalia Strievska-Kolmanovskaya, listened to her useful and relevant lecture, and also we learned the Bachata dance, directed by Daria Dominskaya.

After the dances and lectures the foundation's residents traditionally gather for tea to share emotions and impressions with each other