We need your support: help us to raise €9,900 to the end of the year

Save Pristanište!

This is a campaign to support the Montenegrin foundation Pristanište, which has been helping refugees from Ukraine and displaced persons from Russia and Belarus since March 5, 2022.

The stories of 2,712 people, who we already helped to, are very different. They are united by one thing — all these people have left their homes and relatives, jobs and usual connections. They had to flee due to impossibility to stay there.

People flee with whole families, and mostly they have practically nothing. Many arrive with one set of clothes, going on the road during an hour.

We provide them with temporary housing in Budva, groceries for the first period of time, support and consultations.

All this help is priceless and, at the same time, paradoxically costs a certain amount of money, in particular 313,408.91 euro, which we have raised to help the refugees thanks to many of you, and have spent as of today.

Honestly, we encounter a cash gap — to pay rent, foodstuffs and groceries, and utility costs for the refugees we need to raise 9,900 euro to the end of the year. We don’t have this money now.

Help us to help! Make a donation by one of the ways convenient for you.