Uniting Hearts" brought a holiday to Pristanište house

The residents of Pristanište continue to gather and spend time together. Communicating, sharing their experience, common interests and traditions, they find associates and friends in each other.

On the January, 13 the children's community "Uniting Hearts" brought a holiday to Pristanište house to spend the Bounteous Gifts together and to sing Ukrainian Christmas carols "kolyadkas" and "schedrivkas" in all Ukrainian traditions. Thanks to that many people was able to feel at home and dive into so dear atmosphere.

"Uniting Hearts" are Pristanište wards, Ukrainian families who have teamed up to create a comfort and friendly environment for their children in Montenegro. In such a way the fund wards return to us suggesting their own help to give warmth and care to families staying at our place now.

That evening they embodied a real carnival of Ukrainian folk art right in the yard of the house where our beneficiaries live. All had own costumes and masks.

Thanks to all participants of that soulful evening for your high spirits and creativity. Thanks to "Uniting Hearts" community for bringing a great party to our home!
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