Pristanište film: we need help to release it

Greetings, friends!

As many of you already know, filmmaker Taya Zubova is producing a film about Pristanište and the Foundation's beneficiaries to document the unfolding drama and daily lives of the refugees.

It is a film about people whose lives have been shattered and broken, but who have been able to bounce back despite everything they have been through. It is a film about people helping and supporting each other, regardless of nationality.

We need your help to complete the production of the film.

We are fundraising:
◼ 5,000 euros for editing
◼ 15,690 Euros for dubbing and colour grading
◼ 1,300 Euros for production preparation.
In total we need to raise 20,240 Euros.

We have launched a fundraising campaign so that you can help us.

The film will tell different stories, here are some of them:

Halya Shvets and her son are from Mariupol. They left the city when it was shelled and their house was bombed. Halya came to Montenegro, found a job and her son now goes to school and plays football.

Inna and her daughter Sasha, who has cerebral palsy. They left their home because the power grid was destroyed and they were left without electricity.

Pavel Verbitsky and his family. Pavel, an oppositional pensioner who has been persecuted for his anti-war stance.

"The aim of this documentary is not only to record the real stories, but also to help raise funds for the Pristanište Foundation by showing the change it makes in the lives of refugees. The film will help build a bridge of understanding between people from different countries," says Taya.