Separate recycling receptacles have been introduced at Pristanište

Separate waste containers were installed in the villas.

  1. There are containers for depositing drink bottles made out of plastic labeled PET 1. (large white containers)
  2. There are containers for caps, which are plastic LDPE 2
  3. There are also containers for used batteries.

The collected recyclables (which should be dry and clean!) will be handed over for processing to the Kotor Municipal Unitary Enterprise.

In Budva, you can also deposit paper waste (cardboard, paper, egg crates) in municipal nets with the sign 'Papir'.

We'd also like to share more about this environmental action group, which you can join.

A little less than a year ago, a community of environmentally-conscious volunteers appeared in Montenegro to promote separate recycling collection. With the outbreak of the war, this community became numerous and is now called the Green Adriatic.
It has a Telegram chat, a channel, an Instagram profile, and a Facebook page.
Cleaning in public places takes place regularly in different cities.

There are two regular campaigns: the collection of used batteries with Mix Markt in different cities along the coast and the collection of bottle caps in different parts of Montenegro. We are preparing a regular campaign for the collection of various types of recyclables by the type of Collector