«The Seagull». Play by A.P. Chekhov

On the day when the premiere of "The Seagull" was in Budva, the news came that the artist Zoom had left our world. One of his graffiti with the author of this play makes you strain your vision, enlarge the picture and check your eyesight.

Thanks to everyone who came to this comedy. It was Chekhov who called "The Seagull" a comedy. Thanks a lot to the actors - Boris Chistyakov, Anastasia Kazakova, Igor Oparin, Daria Novgorodtseva - for the original and, of course, professional performance. Thanks to directors and actors - Kyiv masters Viktor Koshel and Katarina Sincillo - for the play, where there is life at the end, where there is a place for the question: maybe they survived? And yet they began to live happily.

And special thanks for the music. The performance features Ukrainian music. The title song "Plyve kacha po Tisini" is a Ukrainian Transcarpathian mourning song, which many people recognized after its performance during the requiem for the Heavenly Hundred, the dead participants of the Maidan.

All this together creates an unexpected answer.

If you see this performance soon in the playbill of Montenegro and neighboring countries, try not to miss it.