Meetings in support of political prisoners at Reforum Space Budva: join us

On October 30, the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions, weekly meetings for writing and sending letters to political prisoners were opened.

We support this initiative and handed over Pristanishte postcards, which have already been sent to 98 addressees. Letters are tangible support. Here’s what people deprived of their freedom because of repression write about it:

«For a person in a pre-trial detention center where not much happens and every day is similar to the previous one, letters prove to be an important link to the world»

«We held on only because they wrote letters to us.»

«Letters are protective. If a person is written to, it means that he is remembered, that he is interested in his fate».

Join face-to-face meetings in Budva and soon in Herceg Novi: @politmail_mne. You can also write messages to political prisoners online through the volunteer project RosUznik