We received 805 different appeals from people affected by the war

We were able to help all of these people in a variety of ways:
  • Assistance to 367 people with temporary housing, including 113 children
  • Distance financial aid
  • Food kits and means of communication counseling, informational support.

13 scholarships for education were given out
18 scholarships for the summer program
More than 10 groups of Montenegrin language courses were completed
held more than 100 events (art therapy, leisure for children and adults)

Many who we have helped have chosen to stay in Budva and we keep in touch with them.
Among all the residents of the foundation:
193 people stayed in Montenegro, including 61 children.
93 people stayed in Budva, 33 of them children.

Pristanište is a foundation that helps both refugees from Ukraine and citizens of Russia and Belarus with anti-war stance.
Among the residents of the foundation there are:
194 Ukrainians, including 61 children.
168 Russians, including 52 children
5 Belarusians

Many families who left their homes came to Montenegro with their pets.
Among the residents of the fund:
17 cats
8 dogs
1 parrot

We now have an incredible environment of mutual support.
Pristanište is about community

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