November in Pristaniste: Results of the past month

Digest of events for the month of November. Telling and showing: how our community as well as Pristanishte partners help refugees.

▪️ Support and shelter. More than 30 people approached us for help and received at least informational support. 25 of them stayed in our temporary house, where volunteers took them in and provided them with everything they needed for the first time.

▪️ Children in Pristanishte. Among the participants of the community programs were 10 children who enlivened the house with their smiles. For them, volunteers conducted a number of educational and recreational activities: sports, music, acting, math classes and more. All this to make them feel at home and adapt to their new environment faster.

▪️ Events that bring adults together. We organized more than 25 events: creative meetings, language courses and educational workshops to share experiences and adaptation of Pristaniste residents.

▪️ Partner support. In November there were several events organized by our friends and partners: Upsala Circus, Adriatic Open Cup, Elena Bashkina’s lecture about taxes, Alexander Fenin’s lecture about artificial intelligence, Radio world Music Festival — all these events were attended by Pristaniste volunteers and raised funds to help refugees.

▪️ Community Volunteers. Our team is getting bigger and bigger, which means more and more support we give to those in need. Heartfelt thanks to each and every volunteer.

▪️ Financial help. Thanks to you, dear friends, we have almost raised the necessary amount of 9900€ to overcome the financial crisis. This is a huge step to continue our mission of supporting refugees and IDPs. Thanks to your support, we are confident that we will make it!