Charitable Easter Fair

Whatever happens in the world and with the world, the everyday Fund`s task is to support the refugees who appeared in Montenegro because of the war.

Charitable Easter Fair, which took part in the old town of Budva this weekend, became a kind of rescue and great each other support for us.

Thus, all this week, throughout news from our motherlands, we were talking slowly while preparing to this fair. We were working with stone, wood, clay, carton, papier mache, beads and many other materials, through which we received tactile therapy.

The Charitable Easter Fair itself became a real family event for all of us, residents and volunteers of Pristaniste; although, all of us, without exceptions, are homeless and separated from their loved ones.

Thanks for participation in the fair for:
• Studio Open HeArt Studio and Julia Malinovskaya
• Artists Ariadna Arendt, Anton Ketov
• Craftswomen Elizaveta Kravetskaya, Irina and Alexandra Pronchenko, Natalia Kraeva, Irina Sardarova
• Hotel Morgen
• Avala Hotel Budva
• Musical duet “Giraffe Napoleon” Konstantin Fedorov and Aleksey Belenkin
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