A family from Mariupol urgently needs help!

We help not only the residents of the foundation, but also all refugees from the war in Ukraine who find themselves in Montenegro
Sometimes people already have a "roof over their heads" when they arrive and do not need help with that: there is money, sheltered friends or inexpensive rent.
But it does not cancel other problems, and we help them as much as we can with clothes, food, and some point material and psychological support.
However, some cases are beyond our capabilities.

Right now there is a family in our care from Ukraine, which we will tell you about in order to unite our efforts to help.
The family has a place to live, however it is in great need of support.
The war destroyed a lot of things in their lives and their health in particular.
Daria is 28 years old, she had a stroke and four brain surgeries (in Kiev at the Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery). On February 12, she was discharged with a paralyzed left side, and on February 24, the war started.

The family lived in Mariupol. Their apartment was destroyed by shells.

Their son stopped talking, her husband lost a lot of weight and still can't regain it. During the time they were there, Daria lost 14 friends and relatives.
Now Daria is in Montenegro with her husband (who left due to his wife's disability), their 5-year-old son and their cat. They have a place to live, and we helped them with some of their basic necessities. Daria's husband found a part-time job; basic needs can be managed. But there are acute medical needs for Dasha and her son, for which there are absolutely no funds.

Daria needs rehabilitation after a stroke, and with each passing day she is losing effectiveness and hope for recovery. She is 28 years old, so her chances are very high.
The Institute of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology of Dr. Simo Milosevic is ready to take care of Daria's rehabilitation. 1 day at the institute in Igalo costs 115 euros, the minimum course is 10 days, but in fact you need about a month.

Ilya began to speak, but unintelligibly. A few days ago his deafness was discovered. His adenoids need to be removed in a rush surgery, then a speech therapist is needed.

We need help from specialists and philanthropists.
We believe there are such people in Montenegro.
Answer us if you are ready to help.
We are forming a group to help Daria and Ilya.
Call our hotline: +382 68 585485