Our Rock": Mikhail Borzykin's New Program

On January 19th in Budva and January 20th in Herceg Novi, concerts titled «Our Rock» took place, where the leader of the band «Televizor» and a legend of the Leningrad rock club, Mikhail Borzykin, presented his latest program. The repertoire included both old (yet relevant) songs and new ones written here, in Montenegro.

Songs in Ukrainian were also featured, with Mikhail being joined on stage by guitarist Dmitry Prokofiev and artists from Ukraine, Viktor Koshel and Ekaterina Sinchillo — a collaboration born out of somber events but proving to be supportive and fruitful.

Natalia Sevets-Yermolina, who attended the concert in Budva, shared the following quote in her review:

«And then the concert begins — and I lose track of time, the sense of place, feelings, and my body’s sensors are tuned only to meaning, harmony, artistry, and understanding the moment. I listen to all these songs. And all these songs are relevant. They are all about what I think and feel. About Ukraine, about war, about Putin, about cops killing the young. About freedom. Figuratively and straightforwardly. Funny, like in ’Gazprom Worker,’ sarcastic as in ’Seal the Basement,’ all precise, all with the right words. The philosophy of deep activism. Bright, rock-and-roll, and smart. A combination not typical of the stage. But here, it’s all brought together

Anna, who attended the concert in Herceg Novi, shared her impressions:

«Enthusiastic, of course, about the songs, but separately — about how harmoniously the program is arranged, how precisely the background videos are chosen, and how Mikhail

has thought out movements for each song. It’s not just a concert; it’s a whole rock-and-roll show, a vibrant musical-political statement against war, violence, and foolishness

The concerts were organized within the framework of our art community Podrum, and in both cities, we managed to raise €1084, which will go towards aiding participants in the programs of Pristanishte — refugees and forced resettlers.

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Special thanks to the volunteer photographers who captured it all on camera. You can view more photos