Summary of the Year: How the Pristanište volunteer movement emerged and developed

We, a group of volunteers, organized the Pristanište Foundation on March 5. We rented several houses, housed refugees and provided them with basic food. Then we started helping with paperwork and finding jobs, arranging for children to go to school, and holding events.

  • Our volunteers meet people who have arrived in Montenegro and temporarily house them. We give out SIM cards, necessary things and food. 595 people stayed In Pristanište, 155 of them were children. We gave out 53 scholarships for education of children, whose families stayed in Montenegro.

  • We answer questions about local life, about finding accommodation and work, about sending children to schools and kindergartens. Since then, we have processed applications from 1,644 people.

  • Volunteer psychologists provide free individual sessions and support groups.

  • Our volunteers and friends organize various workshops and classes: clay craft, yoga, learning the language, math and drawing classes, creating various toys and handmade jewelry. We have already held more than 80 creative evenings.

  • In July we have created Podrum Pristaniste - art space of creativity and freedom, where friends of the foundation, volunteers and residents of Pristanište perform - artists, musicians, actors and artists. So there were about 25 events.

  • We have published guide, which has useful contacts in Montenegro and other countries, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Since the foundation's inception and until now about a hundred volunteers have been working with refugees: psychologists, interpreters, tutors, counselors, teachers, drivers, authors of workshops, designers, artists and musicians. We are happy to have you with us!

Friends, you can help families affected by war.

May 2023 bring the long-awaited peace!
With your help, we can do the rest of the tasks.
Always yours,
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